Steffen Zucher u. Christopher Bothen
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Steffen Zucher u. Christopher Bothen

Star Consultant

0170-6732522 (nur WhatsApp-Nachrichten)

My Story

Hello my dears!

I've always been a fan of it when there is a pleasant smell in rooms. Before Scentsy, I used scented candles and room fragrances from a wide variety of well-known manufacturers. But the disadvantage was quickly recognized, either the scent was gone within a few hours or the scented candles were not cheap to buy and burned down after a short time.

By chance I discovered Scentsy on Facebook and got into conversation with the consultant. As skeptical as I am, he sends me some scent samples and I was blown away. I also really liked the design of the lamps, so that the first Scentsy lamp moved into our house. Since then it had happened to me, I tested a wide variety of scents. The fragrances were never too intrusive or smelled unnatural, always very pleasant and simply harmonious; just perfect!

As I was asked more and more about the beautiful scent at home, I started working as a consultant for Scentsy. I enjoy making the SCENT TRAVEL through the Scentsy world possible for others.

Great lamps, fragrant fragrances and much more! This is the world of Scentsy!

Feel free to speak to me and I will let you take part in this SCENT TRAVEL.

True to the motto:
I don't love it cause i'm selling it
I am selling it because I love it.

best regards
Your Steffen